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Welcome to our Village!

We hope you will become active in the Wrightwood Property Owners Association. (WWPOA ) to learn more about your community and to become an active villager.

WWPOA is a service organization and an advocacy group. We are a registered 501c (4). The WWPOA has been active in Wrightwood since 1947.

Some of our major advocacy issues include, water, power, and sewage issues, forest concerns, snowplayer impact issues, highway and county road safety, fire protection, safety, disaster preparedness, emergency medical response services, electrical line undergrounding, parks and recreation services, services for all ages infants to seniors, and other local, county, state and federal issues.

WWPOA is committed to community service in our community. The WWPOA currently sponsors maintenance of the Wrightwood Village Trail, Adopt-A-Highway, Serrano High School Senior Scholarships, 4 Season Community Spirit Campaign, Garden Faire, Mothers Day Tea, Ice Cream Social and Dancing in the Streets, Oktoberfest, Village Christmas activities, other events and activities including the creation and operation of the HELP LINE for Wrightwood in the first year of the pandemic, shut down and shut in of our village.

The WWPOA supports other organizations, groups and agencies in Wrightwood to protect, preserve, and promote the quality of life in Wrightwood. We do not attempt to reinvent the wheel or compete with other organizations currently serving the best interests of Wrightwood. We are committed to support, partner, and or aid other organizations as needed to serve the quality of life in Wrightwood. The WWPOA is especially interested in supporting organizations working on Disaster Preparedness, Community Health and Safety, the Arts, Historical Preservation, Education, Parks and Recreation, and enjoyment of nature and the forest, mountains, and desert around us.

The beauty, charm, and quality of life attracts many people to Wrightwood. We hope that you too have chosen Wrightwood for those reasons and are eager to contribute to the protection, preservation and promotion of those things working with others in the WWPOA.

Please let us know how you would like to do your part to contribute to our wonderful community. Call 760 316 4255 or contact a member on our Board to help you get involved.

Our monthly newsletter ...

Our monthly newsletter is available free to all WWPOA members (you) via email. Please make certain we have your email address. 760 316 4255.

If you prefer a hard copy of the monthly newsletter mailed to you then you may subscribe for a fee, See the subscription form.

The monthly newsletter provides information about relevant village news and events, as well as pertinent news from other organizations in Wrightwood including the Wrightwood Community Services District (CSD), Fire Safe Council, CERT, and many other community groups. Our communication provides information and updates to keep you informed and alerts for you to join your voice with others to protect your property values and quality of life.

We hope you will consider becoming more active in the WWPOA (Wrightwood Property Owners Association. Let us know where you would like to share your talents.

Our Board Meetings are normally held at the Wrightwood Community Center on the Second Wednesday of the month, 6PM . Virtual participation is available. Call 760 316 4255 for details,

General Meetings are conducted quarterly. Follow us on FB for upcoming events, times and dates.

To make sure we have your membership information, click on the green button below to download and then print out the registration form. The registration is on page 1 and instructions are on page 2 of the document.

If you are unable to print the registration, please send an email to with your contact information, especially your mailing address. We will send you a membership registration with a return envelope. For more information call Sandi Hanlon at (661)917-0257 or 760 316 0 4255.