Our mission statement of the [WWPOA] organization is to advance the local interests pertaining to property values and enhancement, and to the general well-being of the people residing and owning property in the community known as Wrightwood. One of many goals is to inform and educate the citizens of Wrightwood about issues of concern. It is dedicated to the preservation of the natural beauty and resources of Wrightwood.Wrightwood Property Owners Association, Inc, Constitution, Revised December 2002.Article I, Section 2

The Wrightwood Property Owners Association (WWPOA), is open to all residents and or property owners in Wrightwood. The WWPOA works to support and protect the property values and lifestyle of our mountain village.

We are not a Homeowners or HOA group. We are a 501 © (4) which enables us to advocate on issues to protect our village, property and lifestyle. Many voices together are more powerful than one voice alone.

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WWPOA Vision:

We are a community of neighbors working together to promote a friendly, healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment that provides a high quality of living, and enhances property values.

WWPOA Mission Statement:

  • Organizes projects that improve Wrightwood property values, aesthetics, and safety.

  • Cooperates with other Wrightwood civic organizations on projects of mutual benefit.

  • Publishes and disseminates a newsletter to keep members apprised of community activities and items of importance.

  • Sponsors scholarships to Wrightwood students who best demonstrate academic achievement and values aligned with our vision.

  • Encourages support of Wrightwood businesses, arts, education, and entertainment organizations that contribute to the value and spirit of the community.